The ins and the outs

OK, so this is the deal.

I write a lot . 

I have so many stories locked up in my head, that I am afraid they will start to replace actual memories. Not that I need to remember that school trip in year 6 to Conwy or how to boil an egg… BUT my kids were pretty adorable babies and I’d quite like to remember that.

I needed somewhere to store all in which my imagination spews out, so was born (you are welcome).


Amongst the happenings of the fictitious worlds you will soon adore, I also review books. A lot of them. I am a self professed prolific reader, I review a new book each week over on my YouTube channel which I also post here.

Also expect thrift hauls, DIYs, book related shenanigans and lots of Harry Potter related fun.

Lots of love and high fives,



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