My experience as a Teen Mum

Hi guys, I think this may be the most personal post I have ever written but I am hoping my experiences help others in a similar situation! In 2014 I found out I was pregnant and although I had only just turned 19 two months earlier and was still in college I was beyond excited.… Continue reading My experience as a Teen Mum

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Can you rely on chance?

Hi guys! So as a writer I have an abundance of notebooks, I literally can't go into a stationary shop without coming out with a fresh new cute little book of blank pages for me to fill with my many ideas. I am sure a lot of you are the same! The thing is, as… Continue reading Can you rely on chance?


What’s new on my Depop this week..

Hi Guys! Some of you may know if you watch my Youtube channel that I sell clothes on Depop! From vintage 80s-present day fashion, jewellery and pins.. I love it and have really been getting into it the past few weeks. So here I am to share with you all some of the items I… Continue reading What’s new on my Depop this week..

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My return to Youtube.. Sort of

Hi Guys, I have had quite a long break from Youtube, I think maybe 6 months now? There's been so much going on in my life recently I have not had the time to actually get anything social media wise done. I decided I needed to change this. I am going to do my best… Continue reading My return to Youtube.. Sort of

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The accessory you’re forgetting about..

Hi guys! Ok, so I love clothes. No doubt about it, vintage and second hand being my all time favourites (my Depop being the evidence for this!) But there are times when I feel my outfit is missing that little something and since I realised at the moment I only ever wear my new ankle… Continue reading The accessory you’re forgetting about..

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DIY Harry Potter Prophecy Ball

Hello everyone! Long time no anything LOL I've not posted on either my Youtube or this blog in soo long, for which I apologise! Last night I was having a little scroll through my channel and I noticed that one of my videos has been doing very well over the past month, even without me… Continue reading DIY Harry Potter Prophecy Ball


80s + 90s Vintage Thrift Haul Ep. 1

Hi guys! Hope you're all doing well.. I am back today with a try on THRIFT HAUL. OK SO I love thrifting, going through charity shops sifting through all the rubbish to find some GEMS. I honestly go thrifting at least once, maybe twice a week and find something every time I go. Not only… Continue reading 80s + 90s Vintage Thrift Haul Ep. 1

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Sweet Revenge – Short Story

SO I have recently logged on to my old Wattpad account and I came across this old short story I wrote! I remember writing this in Year 9 English class (so I was about 14 years old) and wanted to share with you guys. I have not edited it in anyway so there probably is… Continue reading Sweet Revenge – Short Story